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The leaves of the coca plant, Erythroxylon, a bush resembling the blackthorn, which grows to a height of five to eight feet. They are thin, opaque and oval, tapering somewhat like tea leaves in the best types, a light olive-green above and whitish-green on the under-surface. When dried, they have an odor resembling that of tea leaves and an aromatic bitter taste. They are employed medicinally and in the manufacture of various tonic beverages for their stimulating property - which is akin to caffeine or theine but is held in the leaves in larger proportion than caffeine in coffee or theine in tea. The natives of various parts of South America, particularly Peru, chew the dried leaves, generally together with a little pulverized unslacked lime, for the ability they give to resist fatigue. Though this use has apparently been a daily custom for uncounted generations, it is seldom that any ill effects are noted. The principle chemically extracted is the drug Cocaine.

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