Artichoke -

A plant resembling the thistle, which is cultivated for its flowering head, gathered before the flower expands. The edible portion is the fleshy part of the calyx - the "bottom" or basin of the blossom - and the base of the leaves of the flower. The flesh corresponds to what children call the "cheese" of the ordinary thistle. As eaten here, it is generally boiled before serving, but in Europe it is popular raw, seasoned only with salt and pepper.

If cut so as to leave an inch or two of stem, artichokes possess good keeping qualities, frequently remaining quite fresh for two weeks or longer under average retail conditions.

Canned artichokes, principally the fonds or "bottoms" only, are imported in large quanties from Italy and France. The small Artichoke buds are used chiefly for garnishing.

The Jerusalem Artichoke (which see) is an entirely different plant.

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