Apricot -

A fruit which in appearance suggests a small yellow peach, but which is borne by a tree of the same genus as the plum. It is eaten in every imaginable way - fresh, the fine varieties being especially valued for desserts; canned, dried, candied, made into jam, etc. It may be prepared for use by the housewife in any way that peaches are.

The apricot was introduced into Europe during the time of Alexander the Great, and was first cultivated in England during the sixteenth century.

The fresh apricot season commences about the middle of June and lasts for about eight weeks.

The California dried apricot product amounts annually to 15,000 tons or more and is supplemented by the great quantity canned there. Only a comparatively small part of the California crop is marketed fresh, as the fruit is of such delicate texture that it does not stand shipment well.

There is also a limited importation of dried and candied apricots from Italy and the south of France.

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