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The only point concerning these troublesome insects that is of real interest to the grocer is how to get rid of them. The remedies suggested are as numerous as those for a cold! Here are a few:

Balsam of Peru. Rub a thin film of it near the bottoms of the table legs or on the floor, and renew the application in three weeks. In addition, boil one ounce of the balsam in a gallon of water for thirty minutes, and sponge this water, while hot, over wooden floors and walls.

Powdered Borax and Pulverized Alum. Sprinkle underneath the paper on the shelves.

Oil of Sassafras. Follow the train - for ants form a train in traveling - to its origin. Saturate a small cloth with the oil and apply to every portion of the distance covered. If they come out of a crack, pour a little of the oil into it - it is sure death to them.


ants become troublesome about the pastry case in the summer time, insulate it by raising it on four inverted cups set in saucers filled with water. Give the case a good cleaning and in half a day the ants will become discouraged. Do not leave the case insulated longer than is necessary, as it is suggestive.

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