Anchovy -

A small fish of fine and peculiar flavor, a member of the herring tribe, and closely resembling the English Sprat. It is found in several parts of Europe, but is most abundant in the Mediterranean, especially in the vicinity of the Island of Gorgona, near Leghorn, where also the catch is generally conceded to be of the finest quality.

Anchovies are prepared for exportation by removing the heads, intestines and pectoral fins and packing in rock salt in small kegs; to be later bottled, whole or filleted, in oil or salt, etc., or otherwise repacked for retailing. Dutch anchovies are cleaned of their scales, the French and Italian are not. The small fish are valued more highly than the larger.

Anchovies are also extensively potted and made into a butter or paste and a sauce or essence. The ancient Greeks and Romans prepared the sauce or relish known as "Garum" from them.

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