Almond Oil

Almond Oil -

Is obtained by expression from the ground kernels or seeds of the sweet or bitter almond, apricot or peach. It is largely employed in perfumery. The best qualities are light yellow or white in color, almost entirely free from odor and possessing only a mild, nutty flavor. Oil of Bitter Almonds is an entirely different product, which is not obtainable by the cold, or only slightly warm, expression employed for Almond Oil - it is a volatile oil extracted by distillation from the crushed kernels of bitter Almonds, apricots or peaches, after the expression of Almond Oil. In concentrated form, Oil of Bitter Almonds is poisonous because of the large quantity of hydrocyanic or prussic acid it contains, but in diluted form, as in Almond Extract, it is a popular flavoring in confectionery, cooking, etc.

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