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Family accounts are generally kept by grocers in pass-books. Care taken before accounts are opened, and while they are running, will often aid materially in their settlement. In factory districts, it is not unusual to obtain written agreements that they shall be settled regularly on pay-days. Persons desiring to open accounts are sometimes willing to give security to a small amount, or to name references. The latter offer should always be accepted, as many who would otherwise not mind defrauding the grocer will pay rather than have the case reported to those whom they gave as references. To add each account up every month or oftener and present a bill, is very important. To write plainly in the pass-book avoids misunderstandings. A duplicate should invariably be kept in the store.

In suit for an account, the grocer should be prepared to furnish a fully itemized bill. If a short note can first be obtained it makes the suit simpler even if it is not paid, as it generally precludes all question as to the items of the bill.

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