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(From the French Abattre, "to knock down"): a public slaughter-house. The most notable American abattoirs are those in Chicago, Kansas City, So. Omaha and New York. In the larger establishments, cattle are killed, skinned, cut up and hung in the cooling room in thirty-nine minutes - each carcass being in that short time handled by twenty men. Hogs are killed at the rate of 550 an hour, each being handled by twenty-five men in thirty-two minutes. Sheep are killed at the rate of 620 an hour, the slaughtering and dressing occupying about thirty-four minutes.

The wholesale Slaughtering and Meat Packing industries of the country employ a capital of more than $250,000,000 and about 75,000 persons. The value of the output is in the neighborhood of a billion dollars, of which approximately 85% is in the form of edible products - fresh, cured and canned meats, lard, etc. - and 15% in various industrial items.

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